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2023 Yiwu Full Competely Guide

If you are a businessman, the city you have to go to when you come to China must be Yiwu. As well known all over the world, Yiwu Trade City is a place full of opportunities, where you may encounter unexpected new styles, surprising prices, or unbelievably low MOQs.

Yiwu International Trade City (Chinese: 义乌国际商贸城), also known as the Yiwu Market, is the primary wholesale market complex in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. According to the World Bank, it is the world’s largest small commodities market.In 2013, the market sold US$11 billion of goods.

his History

In the early 1980s, Yiwu was an impoverished rural county historically known for its small traders, who mostly bartered sugar for chicken feathers during the Qing dynasty. However, the Communist Party of China banned the practice as “capitalist activity” after taking power in 1949. Although the Chinese government initiated the reform and opening policy in 1978, selling things for profit by private citizens was still banned in practice.
In April 1982, Xie Gaohua was appointed Party Secretary of Yiwu. A month after his arrival, a street vendor named Feng Aiqian complained to him that her goods were repeatedly confiscated by county authorities and questioned why she was not allowed to sell goods to support her poor family. After their conversation, Xie travelled to Wenzhou, the first Chinese city to allow private enterprises, to conduct research, and decided that building a free market was compatible with national policies.
In September 1982, Xie announced the establishment of Huqingmen Market in Yiwu under the guideline of “four permissions”: permissions for farmers to enter the city, to conduct business, to engage in long-haul trading, and to compete with both state enterprises and private individuals.This was the first time in the People’s Republic of China that a local government legalized a free market for farmers.
When the market was opened in November 1982, it merely consisted of a few hundred sheds and stalls, but proved highly popular and grew quickly. In 1983, the county government spent 580,000 yuan (US$293,567) to build a new market consisting of booths. By the end of that year, there were more than 1,000 vendors selling over 3,000 products, most of them from outside of Yiwu.
In October 1984, Xie proposed a new development strategy for Yiwu, with market trading as its pillar industry.Although he was transferred out of the county soon afterwards, the Yiwu Market continued its rapid growth and was rebuilt and expanded multiple times. The number of market booths exceeded 10,000 in 1991.In 2005, the World Bank called it “the world’s largest small commodities market”,and by 2013, it attracted more than 20,000 customers daily from all over the world and sold US$11 billion of goods annually.

Yiwu International Trade City total 5 district

District 1:

The first floor is mainly engaged in flowers (simulation flowers), flower accessories, plush toys, inflatable toys, electric toys, and ordinary toys; the second floor is mainly engaged in headwear, jewelry; the third floor is mainly engaged in festive crafts, decorative crafts, porcelain crystal, Photo frames, and accessories; the fourth floor is the direct sales center for manufacturing enterprises. At present, there are special blocks such as the Taiwan Merchants Hall, Dehua District of the Southern Porcelain Capital, Shenzhen Original Gift District, etc., bringing together high-end domestic high-end craft ceramics, crystals, glaze, and other handicrafts manufacturers.

District 1 has an average daily passenger flow of more than 80,000 person-times, of which more than 3,000 are foreign businessmen. The export degree of products exceeds 70%, and more than 95% of the merchants undertake foreign trade business.

District 2:

The first-floor deals with luggage, umbrellas, ponchos, and bags; the second-floor deals with hardware tools, accessories, electrical products, locks, and vehicles; the third-floor deals with hardware kitchen and bathroom, small household appliances, telecommunications equipment, electronic instruments, clocks, etc.; the fourth floor Set up high-quality trading areas such as production enterprise direct sales center and local characteristic hall; set up foreign trade procurement service center on the fifth floor; centralized procurement center on the second and third floors of the central hall of the market.

District 3:

The first-floor deals with pen and ink supplies, paper products, and glasses; the second-floor deals with office and school supplies and sports and leisure products/sports equipment; the third-floor deals with cosmetics, zippers, buttons, and clothing accessories; the fourth floor is the direct sales center for production enterprises; the fifth-floor deals with painting business (Decorative paintings, photo frame accessories and processing machinery).

District 4:

The first floor of the market deals with socks; the second-floor deals with daily necessities, gloves, hats, and other knitted cotton; the third-floor deals with footwear, cords, laces, ties, wool, and towels; the fourth-floor deals with bras, underwear, belts, and scarves; On the fifth floor, there is a direct sales center for production enterprises and a tourist shopping center.

District 5:

It has more than 7,000 booths, mainly engaged in imported commodities, bedding, textiles, knitting raw materials, auto supplies and accessories, and other industries. The market has a dedicated service area for online merchants.

Yiwu Weather

Yiwu has a weather similar to London, Paris, Geneva, and New York. Very much like Las Vegas and Tokyo.

Warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn, and cold winter.

Spring: Mar.-Apr. Temperature: 10C/50H-25C/77H. If you go to Yiwu in this time, sweaters, suits and shirts would be enough.

Summer: Jun.-Aug. Temperature: 25C/77H-35C/95H. It rains a lot in June, day in and day out. Shorts, thin shirts, skirts would be ideal. Sun glasses, sun-creams would be a plus.

Autumn: Sep.-Nov. Temperature: 10C/50H-25C/77H. Any clothes you wear with this temperature.

Winter: Dec.-Feb. Temperature: 0C/32H-10C/50H. Winter clothes like thick coat, warm socks, gloves… anything that can keep you from cold

how to get to Yiwu

1. From Shanghai to Yiwu, you can take the high-speed train to Yiwu Railway station in about 2 hours, or we can arrange a car to pick you up in Shanghai in about 3-4 hours

2. From Hangzhou to Yiwu, you can take the airport bus to Yiwu, or we can arrange a car to pick you up in Hangzhou about 2 hours  

3, Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Beijing, you can directly choose the appropriate flight or train  to Yiwu Airport / train station , then we can arrange a car to Yiwu Airport /train station to pick you up

Yiwu hotels

Here help you find the best yiwu hotels ranged from 3 stars to 5 stars and hotels in yiwu near futian market
. Please check on the following hotels, and contact us which hotel you prefer. We can book it for you at lowest price
There are hundreds small hotels near yiwu futian market with price level from US$15 to US$40, nice, clean and free WIFI. Breakfast is included if the price is over US$25 per night.

5 stars

Yiwu Marriott Hotel

No matter your reason for traveling to China, Yiwu Marriott Hotel will set a great tone for a fantastic visit. Unwind with ease after an exhilarating day in the city center in your spacious, contemporary accommodation; our 281 hotel rooms and suites feature an impressive assortment of useful amenities and many boast picturesque views of the Yiwu CBD or the adjacent wetland park in yiwu city. Indulge in the distinctive flavors of China with expertly crafted fare at our signature restaurant, stay fit and focused at our well-equipped hotel gym or take a rejuvenating swim in our heated indoor pool. Boasting 1,950 square feet of venue space, including a lavish pillarless Grand Ballroom, we can provide you with what you desire for a remarkable business or social gathering here in China. In addition, our unparalleled location places you near terrific shopping and dining and close to the airport. Allow Yiwu Marriott Hotel to redefine the stay experience when you visit Yiwu. 

Address: 99 Futian Road (Futian Lu), Number of rooms: 285 Phone: +86-15906791672 Opened 2005.

Yourworld International Conference Center

The Yourworld International Conference Center (Xingfuhu Guoji Huiyi Zhongxin) stands in the world-renowned small commodity trade center Yiwu City, and is a five-star landscape-style luxurious hotel. From the hotel, a 10-minute car ride can see guests to International Trade City, the largest small commodity trade center of the world. The Yiwu Airport and Yiwu Railway Station are also within a 10-minute drive. It is just off the lakeshore, adjacent to the largest golf course in Zhejiang. The hotel has 376 spacious, comfortable guest rooms, offering services towards business travelers and tourists. Additionally, it has a separate, elegant building with 33 rooms for VIP guests. The Fuyan Chinese restaurant serves Guangdong, Hangzhou and local cuisines; 20 private dining rooms offer guests more private accommodations. In the Xiangnan Steak House, the air is thick with the fragrance of French-styled goose liver, nutritious and healthy Australian steak, fresh oysters, and the many types of fine wines. The Lakefront Coffee House has the biggest open kitchen in the city. Here guests can taste Italian-styled cuisine and the freshest seafood. The hotel has a meeting space with a total area exceeding 2500 sq m, including a conference room of 1096 sq m, a banquet hall of 860 sq m, a multifunctional hall of 350 sq m, and the stadium-seating conference room. There are 13 conference rooms of different sizes altogether.

Address:100 Xingfuhu Road (Xingfuhu Lu), Houzhai Street (Houzhai Jiedao) Phone: 0579-85788888


feel-feelsCrowne Plaza Yiwu Expo is located in the heart of CBD. The unique passageway to connect Yiwu’s largest International Expo Center, hotel guests feel at ease to participate in a variety of exhibitions. An extensive information desk is provided to business guests. With such service, market information can be accessed without leaving the hotel. A special express, Airport Shttle Bus Line 1, is provided to facilitate you quickly get to bingwang market-xiaozici community – Hongkong city -Civil Ariport from the hotel. Hotel provide complimentary shuttle service to popular International Trade City (Yiwu International Trade City) (from 9:00- 17:00) to make guest free travel experience on daily. The hotel is 10km from Yiwu Airport and Railway Station, and offers further easy access to the city center and famous Hengdian World Studios – China’s Hollywood – the largest film and television production center in the Asia-Pacific. Whether on business or pleasure, Crowne Plaza Yiwu Expo is the perfect spot for you. Crowne Plaza Yiwu Expo features 360 guest rooms, all with flat-screen television, satellite channels, a large workspace and high-speed internet access. Our Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage program provides additional in-room options, such as ergonomic pillow selection (facing-up, facing-side or facing-down pillow), Crowne Style or Lavender aromatherapy and your choice of warm milk or red wine.

Address: 57 East Zongze Road (Zongze Dong Lu), Number of rooms: 367 Phone: +86-15906791672 Opened 2013

shangri-la hotel

Shangri-La Yiwu located in the CBD of Yiwu City, close to Yiwu municipal government and Yiwu international trade city. The hotel is about 25 minutes’ drive from the Yiwu station and international airport. The hotel is combined with a big shopping center-Neogolry Mall. About 12 minutes’ drive from Wuyue square and 15 minutes’ drive from the “Heart of Yiwu”.
The hotel provides Chinese and western food service, combining foreign cuisine with local cuisine. For example: Brown Sugar, Yue Xiu Wok café or Private Dining Room. The hotel is a great choice for business, tourism, leisure life.

362 rooms and suites 3 restaurants and bars Located adjacent to Yiwu International Trade City Shangri-La Yiwu

Address: No. 6 & 8, Futian Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province China Phone: (86 579) 8151 8888 E-mail:

4 stars


Yaya Yindu Hotel is located in Yiwu, China — a famous sea of small commodities. It is the first four-star hotel in Zhejiang Province. The hotel is located in a superior location, adjacent to the International Trade City and the International Expo Center, only 8 minutes away from the International Trade City and the International Expo Center, around the Exotic Street and SAN Ting Road night market; Only 20 minutes drive from Yiwu Airport and railway station, and provide shuttle service;

The hotel is located in the business center, the overall environment is comfortable, warm, convenient transportation, the hotel has 217 rooms, covering the whole area of the wireless network, and equipped with convenient bus to the market, for your travel to provide maximum convenience.

During the stay, you can enjoy swimming and fitness for free. In your spare time, you can experience various leisure and entertainment facilities such as SPA, basketball, etc. The restaurant in the hotel provides breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, and the western restaurant has authentic Western food. It is an ideal place for home travel, leisure and shopping.

Add: No. 158, Binwang Road, Yiwu City, China Tel: +86 (579) 8558 8888 (24 hours service) Telepresence: +86 (579) 8555 0209


Best West Boutique Ocean Hotel is the first international brand hotel in Yiwu. The hotel opened on September 30, 2005.

Best West Yiwu Ocean Hotel is a 4-star luxury business hotel invested and built by Zhejiang China Commodity City Group Co., LTD. It is a member hotel of the world’s largest hotel chain group Best Western. The hotel is located in the commercial center of Yiwu, where businessmen gather, and constitutes a conjoined building with the famous Yiwu International Trade City Phase II market. With superior geographical location and convenient transportation, it is 15 kilometers away from Yiwu Airport, making it the first choice for business people to stay.

Address: 99 Futian Road (Futian Lu), Number of rooms: 285 Phone: +86-15906791672 Opened 2005.


KASION HOTEL l has a bustling commercial center along the riverfront, and you can enjoy the beautiful 10-mile corridor, dazzling in the shining stars of the city. In Yiwu, the famous “paradise of small goods shopping”, Kaichen International Hotel, just like the fragrance of hot tea, vividly portrays the perfect integration of modern prosperity and the world business and economic circle.

Yiwu Kaichen International Hotel is a boutique hotel built with huge investment. Located by the beautiful Yiwu River and across the river from the International Expo Center and Sports Center, the hotel is located in the bustling business circle of Yiwu CBD, close to the world’s largest international trade city, and adjacent to the large shopping plaza — Xinguanghui, within walking distance

Add: No. 523, Jiangbin North Road, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province Tel: 0579-85263999

YiWu Yihe Hotel

YiWu Yihe Hotel is located in the financial and cultural centre of Yiwu city. And managed by the Hotel Administration Co.Ltd of Zhejiang World Trade Centre, With comfortable rooms and modern facilities the hotel offers a very good place for your business and leisure.

ADD: 2 Gongong Bei Lu, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China ,Phone:0579-83558888

three stars


byland hotel is located in the north of the city Road, near Workers’ North Road, about 0.5km from small business distribution center – International Trade, about 1km from Binwang Exotic Street, about 1.5km from Yiwu International Expo Center, about 1.5km from large shopping mall – Xinguanghui, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The hotel has more than 100 business rooms featuring noble atmosphere, warmth and comfort, as well as fully functional conference rooms. Advantaged geographical location, perfect facilities and equipment, must be your business activities and leisure travel of the best residence. The hotel staff will be warm and subtle service, bring you a warm feeling like home. ” byland Brand more than home mood”

Add: No. 300 Chengbei Road, Futian Street, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, 322000 ,Call 0579-89968888


Located in the busy commercial area of Chouzhou North Road, adjacent to Asia’s largest international trade city, Futian market, Binwang market, transportation is very convenient. Sofitel Yiwu Hotel is a collection of rooms, catering, entertainment, leisure, business as one of the hotel. Guest rooms according to the international standard star design decoration, with a variety of different styles of rooms. The hotel has a luxury floor, smoke-free floor, and a restaurant, dynamic bar, sauna city, dedicated to provide you with perfect service

Address: No. 599, Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu City ,Tel: 0579-85568888


Manson Hotel Yiwu is located at the intersection of Yinhai Road and Chouzhou Road, Futian District 4, Yiwu City, between the second and third districts of the International Trade City. It is about 3 minutes’ walk from the International Trade City, and only 15 minutes’ drive from Yiwu Railway Station and the airport. It is close to the International Trade City passenger station, Yiwu Port, convenient tourist transportation and advantageous geographical position. The Manson Hotel is designed in a stylish and luxurious modern style with a comfortable environment. Hotel rooms are modern fashion design and decoration, warm tone, the selection of high-grade mattresses, to create a first-class sleeping environment, the room of cotton fabrics and guest supplies are using high standard configuration, highlighting the low-key luxury of the hotel and your identity. The hotel provides exquisite Chinese and Western buffet breakfast, rich dishes, excellent materials, clean and sanitary, for you to create a super luxurious private space, is your business, tourism, leisure, entertainment ideal choice!

Address: No.5, Building 22, Futian Fourth District, Futian Street ,yiwu ,Tel: 0579-85663988


JI HOTEL Founded in 2010, Quanji Hotel belongs to Huazhu Group, a leading mid-range hotel brand in China. It now covers 31 provincial-level administrative regions in China, with more than 1,100 stores open. We will draw humanistic spirit from Oriental wisdom and extract value connotation from contemporary life. We will create quality experience through family and friends services throughout the season. In the eastern land, we will let more people feel the nature and propriety of the East, and improve the quality of travel life for 400 million middle class people.、

address:628 Chengxin Avenue, Yiwu City Tel: 0579-85037888

why yiwu market is famous in the world

Many customers who are planning to come to Yiwu always ask the question “Why Yiwu?”. Follow me to know Why Yiwu. Yiwu is located in east of China, near Shanghai. Yiwu is famous for its largest wholesale market of general merchandise in the world – Yiwu market, i.e. China Yiwu International Trade City.

1)Yiwu is the largest general merchandise trade city in the world.

2) Yiwu market welcomes 20,000 overseas visitors visiting the market daily.

3)One-stop Shopping of Commodities in  4, 200 categories, 1.7 million products.

4) Zero-distance Contact With 100,000 Chinese Suppliersv,can check sample and bargin with factory directly

5) Accept Small Quantity(Low MOQ 1-3 ctns)  Can Mix lots of Items in One Container

6) All the Prices in Yiwu wholesale market is the Factory Price

7) Most of the Products are in Stock, Can be Delivered within 1 week

8) it opens 8 Hours a Day (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM), 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year.  It is like a permanent tradeshow.  And it t is opened on weekend too , only  it  is closed during Chinese Spring Festival.

How to do business in Yiwu?

There are 300,000 global customers from more than 215 countries come to Yiwu, sourcing in Yiwu market, then export to their own country. How do they start? How to do business in Yiwu? First, you tell us which item you are looking for, the quality, quantity, packing details, freight direction, your schedule and any other request. Then we will make appropriate arrangements according to your need. Guide you to visit the right product markets or visit the good factories if necessary. And we also supply Airport pickup, Hotel book (with best discount) and other service if you come to Yiwu. Second, we will arrange 2 translators to go to Yiwu wholesale market and visit shops one by one with you. You just need to choose the items and check price, our staff will write down the item No, price, pcs / ctn, Measure of ctn, take sample or take photo. At last, we will make a sheet with price list, photo, calculate total amount and total cbm for you. Third, after you confirming the order, you send 30% deposit to our account by T/T (price is as same as supplier offer to you), then we order goods from suppliers (quantity of suppliers can be 5-100 per container). We collect goods and inspect goods in our warehouse. We make a list of received goods, you send balance to us. Then we book container, arrange shipment, send full set documents to you. Forth, the most important is, as a professional trading agency, we are your reliant business assistant when you are not in China. If you have some product need to be located in china, we will try our best to give you the quotation in short time, and also will send popular and latest products information to you.

what dose the yiwu market agent can do for you ?

1)If you plan to come to Yiwu, the agent can book tickets and a hotel for you, and pick you up from the airport or train station to the hotel.
2) The agent will take you to the market to find the products you want, help to negotiate prices with suppliers and make records for all the information about the product, like price, qty/ctn, cbm/ctn, size, weight, delivery time, and take photos.
3)The agent will print all the product information for you before you go, also send it to your email. It is easier for you to choose the items, and save time.
4)After you decide to make an order for some items, the agent can help you to arrange the order, and follow the order to make sure it can deliver on time.
5)The agent usually has their own warehouse in China, which can protect the goods well. They will also check the goods when the supplier delivers and can send you the inspection pictures you need.
6)The agent will help to contact your shipping forwarder to arrange the shipment for you, if you do not have one, the agent will recommend you an experienced forwarder to make sure the goods are shipped successfully.
7)The agent will prepare all the documents to you to help you clear the containers. If you need special certifications, it is better to inform the agent in advance.

On the condition that you can not come to yiwu, then pls. send your product detail to agent  , the agent  will source the product for you and send you price and product detail. The agent  will sign purchase order invoice with you, also with samples needed to check. Also if have new item from market the agent can provide for you on time

How to choose a reliable export agent in yiwu?

Before you choosing the right agent, please check:
1) How many employees?
0 or 2~9 or 10~19 or 20~49 or 50~99 or 100+? You’d better come to their office to have a meeting with them and talk with their staffs, so that you can know the real number of their employees.

2) How big is the office?
No office (Disposable office) or 20 square meter or 200 square meter or 2,000 square meter?

3) How big is the warehouse?
No warehouse (Disposable warehouse) or 500 square meter or 5,000 square meter?

4) Are they registered in Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau?
Can they show you Business License No. , Organization Code Certificate No. , Tax Registration Certificate No. and Import & Export Enterprise Code?

Why our ihome can stand out ?

We can supply Yiwu Market One-Stop Service

Record your needs:

Ihome  will record the product category, quantity, and product specifications that you are interested in. Then, we will communicate with the supplier for the price and select the supplier with the best quality and the right price. Then provide you with a quotation, which will help you make the final decision.

Visit our Yiwu sample factory:

Ihome will take you to visit our sample factory in Yiwu and select the samples you need.

Take you into Yiwu market:

Ihome has dedicated service staff to take you into the Yiwu market so that you can quickly become familiar with the market environment and see more samples in the market. In addition, we also provide pick-up, accommodation, and passenger ticket booking services.

Language service:

After entering the Yiwu market, you don’t need to worry about language issues. Ihome provides professional language services, including English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, etc. Through language services, we will help you strengthen your on-site communication skills.

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