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5 Ways to Wholesale Beauty Products from China

Do you want to know how to purchase beauty products from a large number in China? Do you know what procurement channels are there? 

Here, I will introduce you to some ways and suggestions for wholesale beauty products from China. 

1: Alibaba International Station

Alibaba International Station is a website that brings together many Chinese professional factories and suppliers, and there are many professional makeup products manufacturers. Alibaba was founded in 1999 and has more than 960 million active customers. Before you search for beauty suppliers, you need to create your Alibaba account. After registering your account, you can search for your needs. The following points are where you need to pay attention. 1. The keywords of the product are the most important. If you search for a keyword and do not search for the products you want, it is recommended to increase the modified keywords to improve the accuracy of search. 2. Careful understanding of product descriptions, such as materials, size, packaging, price, use function, etc. 3. Clear product pictures. Through these photos, the supplier can provide you with the beauty products you want.

Wholesale Beauty Products
Wholesale Beauty Products by

2: Yiwu Market

Yiwu market is a market that brings together a variety of different types of products. In the market, you can find a lot of beauty products you need. So where is Yiwu market in China? Yiwu Market is located along the coast Zhejiang Province, near Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port. The convenient sea and land transportation has attracted countless foreign businessmen to come to the Yiwu market and choose the products they need. In the Yiwu market, you can find many suppliers with beauty products. They come from all over China, such as wenzhou, shenzhen, etc. At the same time, there are many booths on the Yiwu market. There are different products. You can directly see many beauty products at the booth. You can directly feel the quality of these products. The prices of products of different booths will definitely be different. The most suitable way is to make a number of comparison prices and product quality. In addition, unlike all other open exhibitions, except for the New Year holiday, the Yiwu market is always open throughout the year. Therefore, you can go to the Yiwu market at any time to check the product.

3: Guangzhou Import and Export Fair

China Import and Export Commodity Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is China’s largest trade exhibition. It is held twice a year in Spring and Autumn, and it is the longest history, the largest scale, and the most category of categories in China. There are three stages of trade exhibitions, and different stages have different products. Among them, beauty products and personal product care are generally placed in the second and third stages.

In the first stage, you can find architectural materials, car accessories and electronic products. In the second stage, it is mainly personal care products, gifts, home decoration, etc. In the third stage, it is mainly textiles, luggage, stationery, etc. You can find the supplier of beauty products by visiting the products of the booth.

In addition, there are special beauty fairs. The beauty expo is a professional beauty and personal care product exhibition. The time and place of the US Expo are not as fixed as the Guangzhou Expo. The location of the American Expo needs to be understood in real time, such as Shanghai, Suzhou, and Guangzhou. Professional beauty exhibition will make you know more about new products and new technologies of beauty and find more suppliers that are more suitable for you.

Wholesale Beauty Products
Wholesale Beauty Products by Guangzhou Fair

4: Global source

Global resources are also very important to find a websites to find beauty suppliers. This website has more experience in international trade than Alibaba. Global suppliers usually have rich experience in the export market, so they are more likely to understand your needs and make more professional recommendation on the beauty products you need. 

Wholesale Beauty Products
Wholesale Beauty Products by Global Source

5: Beauty supplier IHOME

IHOME is also one of the professional beauty suppliers. IHOME involves beauty and personal care categories very diverse, including cosmetic accessory, hair accessory, Bath Accessory, Nail Accessory and so on. Beauty and beauty series include makeup brushes, pink puffs, cosmetics, makeup mirines, makeup mirrors, and makeup mirines. Face washing, packed bottle, facial massage instrument, etc. Among them, makeup brushes and puff are very professional products. A variety of different quality brushes can meet the needs of different markets and different customer groups. There must be one type of powder, material, and packaging that can meet your needs. In terms of hairdressing series, IHOME also includes a variety of products, such as head comb, hair accessories, etc. The head comb and hair accessories not only have styles suitable for adults, but also styles suitable for children. In terms of nail beauty series, IHOME has false nails, nail decoration, armor suits, and foot skin. Diverse care tools do not have to worry about hand -foot care. In terms of bathing series, IHOME has bath brushes, bath salt, bath balls, dry hats, etc. IHOME has the display of beauty samples and various samples between samples, so that you can directly feel the quality of the product and choose the product style you like.

In addition, you will have some styles you like. You can tell ihome that IHOME has a professional salesman to help you find your favorite style and provide high -quality product services. IHOME has a professional website,

Wholesale Beauty Products
Wholesale Beauty Products by Ihome

On the website, IHOME uploaded a lot of different types of beauty products, and you can choose directly through the website. At the same time, IHOME also regularly uploads some latest and hot -selling beauty products. Follow ihome, choose ihome, ihome will not let you down!

The above are some ways and suggestions for importing beauty products from China. You can search for product through Alibaba International Station, Global Resources, IHOME and other websites. You can learn about products and high -quality suppliers by visiting the Guangzhou Expo and visiting Yiwu market. All in all, you can wholesale and procurement of beauty products through online and offline methods.

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