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How to Choose An Excellent And Suitable Chinese Supplier

China is one of the largest commodity manufacturers and trade exporters in the world. It has rich products and industrial belts. There are many manufacturers and many traders. For overseas buyers, it is not difficult to find a cheap supplier, but for how to find an excellent and long – term Chinese supplier, it is believed that every overseas merchant is most concerned about things. Let’s analyze from the following elements:

1. Choose a factory or a trading company

The unique advantage of the factory is that there are advantageous technical resources, which can make technical improvements and upgrades in a timely manner for customer needs, can better control the cycle of production, control costs, and so on.For traders, there are also unique advantages that manufacturers do not have. Traders often have more professional knowledge of foreign trade and risk control of foreign trade. In the process of exports, almost 80%of orders will occur, whether subjective or objective. Trade companies can always give the most timely and professional solutions. In addition, when a order requires different categories, it is a pair of models, and cooperation with foreign trade companies is easier to control the entire situation and process.

2. The price of the Chinese supplier

The most acceptable price of buyers are that the price of the supplier is at a medium level of the entire industry, but it does not require the supplier’s lowest price, because the price of a supplier is particularly low in similar suppliers. The stability and long -term are unfavorable.There are two reasons,First: Excessive low prices often have problems with product quality and services. The ultimate damage is the interests of the buyer’s interests.Second: Excessive low prices are not conducive to long -term stable supply, and suppliers cannot develop companies normally without reasonable profits

Therefore, for your product price list, my suggestion is: first analyze the price of similar suppliers. Generally speaking, the price level is at a medium level of similar suppliers, so that buyers are easier to accept your price.

3. Stable, reliable product quality

In fact, for buyers, stable and reliable product quality is sometimes more important than price advantages. Buyers can judge the product quality of the supplier to use the following methods:

First: confirm the quality of the product through the sample

Second: Understand the industry’s industry reputation and the market that has entered

Third: entrust a third party or in person to check the factory in person

Fourth: Supplier’s technical level advantages and research and development capabilities

Fifth: Large -scale export ability

Sixth: Supplier’s after -sales service capabilities

Seventh: Comprehensive certification system

Eighth: Advanced corporate management capabilities and production costs actuarial affairs

Ninth: Efficiency of the delivery period is preferred

Tenth: Accepting a new type of business environment and business model

4. Professional literacy of suppliers

For buyers, foreign trade salespersons represent the service and professionalism of suppliers. The assessment of foreign trade salespersons should be carried out from several aspects:

1) Interesting and honest attitude

2) Foreign language ability and international trade operation knowledge

3) Active attitude is the most important attitude

4) The professionalism and cognition of the salesperson for products and industry

Therefore, in addition to the best price of overseas buyers, the final partner needs to consider the best service, as well as comprehensive conditions for product quality, delivery ability, after -sales level, etc. IHOME is a professional trading service provider with more than 20 years of experience. We have always believed that we should not win customers alone, and we should also face our overseas customers in terms of service, professionalism and other companies. The concepts of customer relationship we admire is that customer centricity is both a strategy and a tactic. IHOME has continued to serve more than 120 countries and regions around the world, and the cumulative customer has more than 10,000 customers. believe IHOME, choose IHOME, and become your long -term partner!

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