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Things to Consider When Finding a Manufacturer in China

With the development of the Internet, the information gap is getting smaller and smaller. The low threshold, and the manufacturing industry dominated by labor-intensive industries is increasingly competitive. So finding a manufacturer in China is important.

The global low-cost supply chain is highly competitive, especially the manufacturing industry with low threshold and labor intensive. With the fading of China’s demographic dividend and the development of manufacturing in Southeast Asian countries, China’s competitive advantage is difficult to sustain. In terms of price competition and simple products, Southeast Asia is often suitable. Because of years of accumulation in the manufacturing industry, China’s supply chain is more mature, and any spare parts can be quickly found. The production equipment is more advanced and the product quality is more stable. With the introduction of automated assembly lines and mechanical arms, the production capacity is more stable. The Chinese people have the spirit of hard work and integrity, and the delivery date is more guaranteed. At present, China can still maintain its advantages in low-cost manufacturing. How do we screen Chinese suppliers?

The true identity of the supplier:

a. Every enterprise in China has a business license, which covers its business scope. We can clearly understand the products and services that the enterprise can provide

b. Office environment and production workshop of the enterprise

c. Supplier’s website. The website will basically contain all the information of the company

d. In the year of establishment, companies that have been operating for a long time often have more reputation and reputation. More reliable and honest in business

e. The third factory inspection certificate, such as BSCI, SEDEX, FSC… These certificates should preferably be issued by a well-known third-party organization, such as SGS, BV, INTERTEK. The enterprises certified by these institutions are basically reliable

f. The size of the staff is large

g. Photos of the sample room and products on the website. Be able to roughly understand the product advantages and scope of the enterprise

A mature supplier can often provide better service and the best price according to customer requirements. We will confirm the product, package, complete the production and shipment of large goods step by step according to the scheduled delivery date.

How do we communicate with Chinese suppliers?

a. Briefly introduce your company. The supplier will provide different services according to each customer’s situation

b. The scope and requirements of the products to be purchased are described in detail. The supplier can provide accurate product recommendation and quotation

c. Please put forward your requirements directly, and Chinese suppliers can meet all requirements

Now find your right Chinese supplier.

Things to Consider When Finding a Manufacturer in China
Chinese suppliers

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