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Best China Sourcing Agent: All You Need to Know

Today, China is one of the very important industrial product manufacturers in the world. If you want your business to be cost -effective, purchasing from China may be a good decision. However, language obstacles and different business practices may become obstacles to procurement for many foreign buyers. In addition, Chinese products are not only different, but also have a serious quality differentiation. At this time, the procurement agent can not only save your time and energy, but also bring you inexpensive products with high quality.

What is a procurement agency and procurement agency service?

Procurement agent is a new type of material procurement model. Its cheap, efficient and fast characteristics will be continuously recognized by more companies, becoming a new choice for many companies to reduce procurement costs. Procurement agency service is an agent procurement middle business, providing customers with procurement agency services. It can help customer companies reduce procurement costs through professional and efficient procurement teams. The difference between the two is that the nature is different. The procurement agent is a material procurement model, and the procurement agency service is a way for the company to make a profit through the procurement agency.

What is China Sourcing Agent ?

Who needs a Chinese procurement agent or a procurement company?

These buyers are suitable for cooperation with Chinese procurement agents or purchasing companies.

1. Companies or individuals who want to import from China.

2. Companies and individuals who have been purchased from China for the first time, and have a very limited understanding of the Chinese market and Chinese products.

3. There is no office in China and a very diverse buyer purchased from China.

4. To save time and energy during the procurement process.

How to choose a Chinese procurement agent?

You need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. Purchase agent position.

When you choose Chinese procurement agents, make sure they have a complete team in China. At the same time, don’t forget how long it has been operated by the office and the purchase agent in China.

2. Experience as a purchasing agent.

There are huge differences in the operation of enterprises in different countries, including differences in culture, customs and thinking methods. For procurement agents, reliable contacts are very important. Experienced procurement agents will use their own connections to help you purchase more cheap products.

3. Examine qualifications.

Professional procurement agents have very professional qualifications. You need time to view their website and related information. Understand the time of cooperation between other buyers and procurement agents, the service provided by the purchasing agent, and the quality of the product. At the same time, Chinese law is very strict, and you can only carry out specific types of businesses based on a specific license. Before starting to cooperate with the purchasing agent, do not forget to check their licenses and qualifications.

4. Language ability.

The ideal procurement agent should be proficient in English and Mandarin. At the same time, make sure your main contacts have good written and oral English skills, and only in this way can it be smoother.

Service provided by Chinese procurement agency/company.

1. Purchase for foreign importers.

2. Communicate with Chinese suppliers and other suppliers to reduce procurement costs.

3. Provide factories, inspection, etc. of suppliers.

4. Help to find freight agents, complete the booking, etc.

5. China Export Customs Clearance and so on.

China Sourcing Agent’s Work

Charges/standards for Chinese procurement agents.

If you look for a Chinese procurement agent to help purchase products from China, you need to pay a certain purchase fee.

The vast majority of export agencies, the cost is based on the US dollar amount of the US dollar declaration as the fee standard, such as: one US dollar charges the agency fee of RMB 0.2, that is, the agency fee of 0.2 (RMB) is charged at 1 US dollar. Of course, this is just under normal circumstances. The specific export agency costs should be made in comprehensive evaluation quotes in the aspects of the company’s goods, value, and export agency methods.

Different from ordinary industries, when choosing an export agency company, a large company with a better qualification, a large export agency company, a complete risk control system and strong capital can greatly ensure the safety of transactions and its integrated services. The process can control the cost of service to a large extent, and the service cost is lower than that of small companies.

In addition, looking for purchasing agents, you also need to continue to strengthen your understanding of the Chinese product market. Only by continuously improving the understanding of the Chinese market can we ensure that the maximum value can be obtained from the goods purchased in China.

The following points are what you need to understand:

Do you need to understand what types of Chinese manufacturers are?

1. Manufacturer.

Communicating directly with the manufacturer (factory) is the choice that can reduce costs. There are not many types of products, you can choose to communicate directly with the manufacturer. The disadvantage of communicating directly with the factory is that there may be language obstacles.

2. Wholesalers.

Wholesalers usually deal with standardized products. In order to promote sales, wholesalers generally set up warehouses in different countries abroad to save transportation costs and storage costs. In addition, the wholesalers increased some of the profits based on the original cost in order to obtain the benefits.

3. Trade company.

Trade companies are large suppliers that provide a large number of products. In order to gain profits, they will increase extra costs. If you purchase a limited amount, it is recommended that you communicate directly with the manufacturer. It is worth noting that you will not be familiar with the factory when you trade with a trading company. If the products you purchased are very diverse, it is recommended that you cooperate with the trading company directly.

China Sourcing Agent

Different Chinese provinces and regions have different advantages in production of different categories of products.

Generally, there will be an industrial cluster in the same area, that is, this area is very advantageous to produce a certain or several products. Such as Guangzhou, it has strong advantages in toys, electronic products, clothing, machinery, etc.

It is recommended to find the best supplier through the best procurement agent, and continuously improve the ability of screening products.

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