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Chinese Supplier—5 Ways to Find a Reliable Supplier?

I think every businessman is thinking about how to find good Chinese suppliers. Do we need to go to exhibitions in order to find the right one? Do I have to go to China for a business trip? Are there other better ways to find good suppliers?

Everyone on earth knows that China produces most of the world’s products. Ten to one, the trademark of any supermarket or store is “Made in China”.

This reminds me of a comment made by a French media about its domestic manufacturers moving their factories to China: “C ‘est la Chine ou la mort!” —- Go to China or die! It’s exaggerated, but it’s also true.

So whether you’re a brand or a wholesaler, as long as you’re focused on keeping your product price competitive in your home country, you’re not going to sit around, you’re going to find a solution to keep your business from closing.

China is often called the “factory of the world” , drives the economy. China is one of the most important producers of industrial goods because of its low cost. If you want to make your business cost effective, sourcing from China can be a good decision.

Factory of the World—China

So how do you find a quality Chinese supplier? Here are five methods for your reference:

Search the corresponding supplier through the search engine

Search for suppliers on Google by certain keywords, such as “supplier”, “China”, “product name”, “agent”, and select the supplier based on how well it matches the keyword.

Use exhibitions to find suppliers

Some scale manufacturers will participate in the exhibition, using the exhibition to find suppliers is the most direct way.

You can go to some large-scale professional exhibitions to find suppliers that cannot be found on B2B websites, such as the Canton Fair, and communicate with exhibitors on site to establish initial cooperation intention and maintain good relationship.

126th Canton Fair

It is important to note that if you do not speak Chinese and do not have an interpreter with you, then it is basically useless to go to the exhibition. You need to know Chinese and be familiar with the Chinese way of doing things. Obviously, there are costs involved in hiring escorts such as interpreters.

If you don’t have the money and don’t intend to spend it, you’ll need to get the contact information of the vendors you’re interested in. You can ask the fair organizer for help.

You can also ask people around you to find out as much information as possible about Chinese suppliers, and you can also seek the help of professional purchasing agencies if necessary.

Use customs data to find suppliers

In this way, it is very easy to find the supplier of the product you want directly. No matter what kind of product your customers want, you can find the right supplier to close the order and make a good profit.

Use well-known B2B platforms to find suppliers

Such as,, and other B2B platforms have entered a lot of manufacturers, and many of them are relatively mature companies.

But in fact, there are many excellent Chinese vendors that do not appear on B2B websites. These excellent manufacturers are very good at manufacturing, but unfortunately they don’t know how to effectively market. So at this point you can choose another method – Chinese purchasing agent

China Sourcing Agent

Usually, language barriers and mixed business practices can be a barrier for many foreign buyers, not to mention the wide variety of products. This is when a purchasing agent can greatly benefit you.

If the concept of a purchasing agent is new to you, let us help you:

The simplest definition of a purchasing agent is a third party that helps you find the right supplier in a particular country. Generally speaking, purchasing agents are familiar with the business practices and customs of the country and may also speak the local language.

Chinese supplier-Chinese Sourcing Agent-Client

A simple Internet search can turn up a whole host of purchasing agents. How do you know which one is best for you?

When choosing a purchasing agent in China, there are 5 points you need to keep in mind to make the right choice.

① The location of the purchasing agent

When you browse Google’s list of purchasing agents in China, please find the location of the purchasing agent. Are they Chinese or are they foreign companies with offices in China? It is much easier to do business with foreign companies than with local Chinese companies. China has strict Internet policies, which may make it difficult to check the credentials of your Chinese purchasing agent.

When you choose a foreign purchasing agent, make sure they have a fully staffed office in China. Be sure to check how long the office has been operating in China. Choose a purchasing agent with a proven track record.

② Experience in purchasing agent in China

There are big differences in the way Chinese and Western companies operate. These differences can largely be attributed to differences in culture, customs and mindsets. It is wise to choose a purchasing agent with years of experience in China. A purchasing agent with extensive experience working in China will have a reliable network of contacts vital to your business.

③ Check their website

Choose a purchasing agent who can provide you with reliable references for other businesses. Make sure you take the time to talk to these agent and look at their websites. Find out how long they work with factories and the quality they provide. Ask if they can recommend a purchasing agent.

④ Assist in negotiations

When sourcing from China, the idea is to get a lower price than we would normally get at home. Negotiations become easier when you have a purchasing agent because they speak the local language. They know Chinese culture and customs. As a result, negotiations with purchasing agents are faster and more efficient.

⑤ Check the qualification

It’s a good idea to check the qualifications of manufacturers before you start doing business with them.

Be aware beforehand that all their credentials and licenses must be in Mandarin when you ask them. If you need to verify these documents, you will first need to pay a professional translator to translate the documents. That in itself is expensive. There is also the risk that manufacturers may simply hand over a bunch of fake documents. When you hire a purchasing agent, they know exactly what the original certificate looks like. They understand the requirements that inspection authorities and manufacturers must meet. With a purchasing agent, your chances of being scammed by a supplier are greatly reduced.


If you are considering sourcing products from China, finding the right Chinese purchasing agent is a crucial step. Getting quality products at the right price and at the right time can help your business grow by leaps and bounds. Take the time to select the right purchasing agent. The future of your company depends on it.

Union Source is a team of Chinese purchasing agents that has been helping Western customers manufacture and source products from low cost regions since 1997.

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