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How to Find the Best Textiles Manufacturers in China? | Textiles Factory

The world textile industry looks at China. From the discovery of silkworms by our ancestors in the mulberry forest more than 5000 years ago, to the domestication of silkworm, the reeling of silk and the weaving of silk, to the sailing of our ancestors with exquisite silk, through the rough seas and the sea silk road connecting the east and the west, the textile industry has witnessed the dream of the eastern civilization to the world, and has had an important impact on the spread of Chinese culture.

After thousands of years and tens of thousands of miles, the modern Chinese textile industry has been baptized by the market and formed the largest and most complete industrial system in the world. China has also become the largest consumer market and producer of textile and clothing products in the world, realizing the magnificent transformation from a large textile industry to a powerful textile industry.

1.China Textile City in KeQiao.

China textile looks at Zhejiang. As an important starting point of the Maritime Silk Road, Zhejiang has been the world’s silk production and trade center since ancient times. Since the reform and opening up, Zhejiang, as the “trendsetter” of the private economy and export-oriented economy, has strived to take the lead and rapidly grown into a major textile province in China. It has the most complete textile industry chain. The output of chemical fiber accounts for nearly half of the country, the output of printing and dyeing cloth accounts for more than half of the country, and the export volume of textile and clothing has ranked first in the country for many years.

Best Textiles industry
China Textile City in KeQiao.

Zhejiang Textile is in Keqiao. Since ancient times, Keqiao, Shaoxing, has been a well-known textile town in China. As early as the Sui and Tang dynasties, the “Yue Luo” produced here was famous all over the world. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the ancient town of Keqiao “heard the sound of loom and the sunrise of ten thousand feet of silk”. Today, China Light Textile City, the world’s largest and most diversified textile distribution center, has been bred here. It has a whole textile industry chain integrating chemical fiber production, weaving, printing and dyeing, garment processing, and textile machinery equipment manufacturing. Its sales network covers more than 190 countries and regions. It has established production and marketing relations with nearly half of the textile enterprises in the country. Each year, one quarter of the world’s fabrics are traded here, It is a bright pearl on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

Best Textiles industry
China Textile City in KeQiao.

In 2022, Keqiao textile industry, which is developing rapidly relying on the unique advantages of “industry+market”, is expected to produce an output value of 120 billion yuan, of which the China Light Textile City, whose online and offline turnover has exceeded 330 billion yuan, is indispensable.

For 32 consecutive years, it has ranked the first place in the professional textile wholesale market in China. It is currently a large textile distribution center with complete facilities and a wide range of operations in China, and also a large professional textile market in Asia.

Best Textiles industry

2.Haining China Home Textile City

Founded in 1992, Haining China Home Textile City is located in Haining, Zhejiang Province, Chaoxiang, “Xucun, a famous textile town in China”. It is located at the intersection of Hangzhou, Haining and Tongxiang, and at the forefront of the Ronghang development of Haining City. It is mainly engaged in various home textile decorative fabrics, home textiles, hotel textiles and a series of home textile products.

At present, Haining China Home Textile City has basically formed a pattern of coordinated development between the “four main trading markets” of quilt decoration fabric market, home textile decoration city, textile raw material trading center and international trade center, and the “industrial supporting service areas” such as science and technology industrial park and smart logistics park.

Best Textiles industry

There is a lot of traffic outside the market, and there are many people in the market. The buyers stop and go, carefully select the products they like in the sales department, and the operators are busy attracting customers, arranging sample cloth and arranging color cards.

Best Textiles industry

3.Online-ihome company.

The online purchase of textiles depends on Ningbo ihome company, relying on the huge advantages of Ningbo Port and Yiwu market, giving full play to the agglomeration effect of the market, taking market procurement as a means, combining with the development of cross-border e-commerce, further gathering the flow of people, logistics, capital and information, promoting the transformation from the traditional wholesale market of domestic trade-based industries to the international trade market with comprehensive domestic and foreign trade, and creating cross-border e-commerce The international trade distribution center integrating various business forms such as market procurement has formed a trade pattern of “buying the whole country and selling the whole world”. We maintain close contact with the world’s textile powers, meet buyers from more than 20 countries every day, and introduce the development experience and fashion trends of South Korea, Italy and France to China.

Best Textiles industry

The market is mainly engaged in more than 100 varieties of towels, bath towels, towel quilts, napkins, wool, blankets, etc., and more than 10000 designs and colors. The products are sold all over the country and exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Russia, and South Korea., It is also exported to Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. It is a professional home textile market with high industry popularity and influence in China.

Best Textiles industry
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