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IHome——Top China Toy Products Wholesale Supplier

Ihome is one subsidiary company of Sellers Union Group. Our products includes toys, homeware&household products, festival products, textiles, kitchen products etc. Toys is one very important category for us. We have office in Yiwu and Shantou, which are built for developing toys products 17 years ago.

China Toy Products Wholesale Supplier

Firstly, let me introduce about Shantou plastic toys.

China Toy Products Wholesale Supplier

To see world’s toys, see China; to see Chinese toys, see Guangdong; to see Guangdong’s toys, see Chenghai. Shantou Chenghai is a well -known toy gift production export base in China and abroad. It has won gold signboards such as “China toy Gift Capital”, “National Export toy Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone” and “National Industrial Cluster Regional Brand Brand Construction toy Industry Pilot Area”.

Chenghai District, Shantou City is located in the lower reaches of the Hanjiang River in the east of Guangdong, Rao Ping County, Chaozhou City in the northeast, Chao’an District, Chaozhou City in the northwest, neighbor in Longhu District of Shantou City in the southwest, and southeast of the South China Sea. In 2021, the land area was 382.93 square kilometers, and the household registration population was 791,800, and more than 1 million overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots.

China Toy Products Wholesale Supplier

The toy industry is the most dynamic pillar industry in Chenghai District. Since the 1980s, it has developed in the 1980s. After more than 30 years of development, it has become a well -known regional toy manufacturing brand at home and abroad. Today, Chenghai is working on the toy creative industry.

In the wave of reform and opening up, the people of Chenghai, with the deep traditional arts and crafts foundation, have promoted the “Chenghai Toys” from small to big with the exquisite craftsmanship of “farming fields like embroidery”. “”.

China Toy Products Wholesale Supplier

Today, toys are not only the most distinctive and dynamic industries in Chenghai, but also the most beautiful international business card in Chenghai. In 1979, the annual output value of the toy industry was only 12 million yuan. In 1995, it exceeded 1 billion yuan and exceeded 10 billion yuan in 2004. As of the end of 2020, there were 34,000 production and operation units in Chenghai District, and more than 20 backbone enterprises with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan. The toy output value was about 58 billion yuan. A pillar industry.

In recent years, Chenghai Toy Traditional Industry has accelerated a new model of pan -entertainment development of “toys + anime + games + film and television”. In 2020, the annual output value of the cultural and creative industry in the region exceeded 15 billion yuan.

China Toy Products Wholesale Supplier

At present, Chenghai District has made every effort to promote the integration of the toy industry and cultural animation creative ideas, develop towards high -end, branding, and intelligent direction, guide and support enterprises to increase investment in science and technology research and development, and accelerate the completion of the entire industrial chain from R & D and production to sales. With transformation and upgrading, we will strive to achieve the output value of the toy creative industry exceeding 50 billion yuan in five years.

Secondly, i will introduce about toys from Yiwu market.

China Toy Products Wholesale Supplier

Yiwu is the largest small commodity trading center in the country and the world. It has been identified as the world’s largest market by international authorities such as the United Nations and the World Bank.

Yiwu toy industry began in the late 1980s and was one of the industries that started at that time. It has now become the pillar industry of the economic development of Yiwu City and reflects the market characteristics of Yiwu.

China Toy Products Wholesale Supplier

With the advantages of low price and a variety of types, Yiwu toys are favored by foreign businessmen. The industry is high, and the export ratio has reached about 75%. With the improvement of the disposable income of the population and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, consumers’ demand for toys has changed from traditional and low -end types to more novel and high -end types.

Yiwu market is one of the influential industries. The industry is outgoing and exported to more than 200 countries and regions. It is my country’s largest toy distribution center.

It is now distributed in the first district of Yiwu International Trade City. There are more than 3,000 market operators with a business area of more than 20,000 square meters. According to the business area, it is divided into three areas of C, D, E. Toys, electric toys and ordinary toys, can be roughly divided into cartoon deformation, electric remote control, assembly puzzle, plush, fabric, electronic flash, flash game, inflatable toys, pet toys, wooden, alloy toys and other categories.

China Toy Products Wholesale Supplier

In addition, Xingzhong District, which is separated from the International Trade City, is mainly scattered and mixed in batches, mainly selling plush cloth toys. Yiwu toy market products are complete in high and low grades, mainly in mid -range toys. Among them, most high -end toys such as ordinary and electric toys come from Guangdong or Fujian. Yiwu local mainly produces low -end toys such as ordinary toys, plush toys and inflatable toys.

1. Manufacturing transformation and upgrading, strengthen toy research and development

According to the “Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index” information system monitoring, in Yiwu toy category, plush toys and inflatable toys boom index decreased by 25.52 points and 119.62 points respectively. Points, 40.13 points, so Yiwu toy industry should change the situation of plush toys with low technical content and low added value, and inflatable toys, focus on improving the technical content of the product, promote the transformation and upgrading of the toy manufacturing industry to high -tech transformation, and win the winning and upgrading of high -tech transformation and winning. The new customer base and market have gradually shifted from a single quantitative growth to quality -efficient growth from a single quantity growth.

In the era of digitalization, high -tech and intelligent products are the hotspots of the market chase, becoming the mainstream of the market, and smart toys lead the future direction of toys.

2.Improve brand awareness and strengthen branding construction

As the concept of toy consumption continues to be updated, and teenagers have gradually become the main consumer population, toy consumption has also shown new features and trends. Among them, IP authorization, anime IP, and blind boxes have become market chasing trends.

According to the Ferrisana report, the market size of the trendy toy industry in my country increased from 6.3 billion yuan in 2015 to 20.7 billion in 2019, with a compound growth rate of 34.6%. It is expected that the market size will reach 76.3 billion yuan by 2024. Continuously developing. Therefore, Yiwu toy industry should be transformed from OEM processing and production methods to independent design and self -made brand methods. The combination of animation and creative industries for industrial integration, realizing the upgrading and transformation of processing and trade enterprises, and taking on the quality tree brand and promoting competition with the brand to promote competition The road of force.

China Toy Products Wholesale Supplier

We have 17 years experience for exporting toys to the world. If you have importing business for toys from China, please contact us now!

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