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Logistic & Warehouse

Looking for shipping containers to your country?
IHome will take care of everything from procurement, and warehouse to international logistics.

Logistics & Warehousing Service

Logistics Service:
1) A team of 20 with 10-years experience in logistics
2) 20000 container shipped per year to keep competitive freight cost
3) Own shipping agent offers favorable inland & ocean, freight charge, customs clearance
Warehouse Service:
1) Domestic: 80000m² IN YIWU
2) Provide exclusive VIP customer warehouse area

6 Shipping Methods You Can Choose

Air Transport

Fast is the biggest advantage of air transportation, 5-10 times faster than the train and car, 20-30 times faster than the vessel. Of course,Its transportation cost is also more expensive than other way.If you are very urgent and strict for the delivery period, you can choose this method

Sea Freight

Sea shipping is the most important and normal way to transport in international trade. large carrying capacity and cheap freight cost are the feature of sea shipping.if your goods volumn is big and weight is heavier,sea shipping is best choice.

Rail Transport

Compared to road transport, rail has lower fuel costs, especially when shipping a high volume of freight. Rail also has fewer costs associated with drivers and typically has better costs for drop trailer programs. Shipping via train is more environmentally friendly. Trains burn less fuel per ton-mile than trucks.


FCL MEANS FULL CONTAINER LOAD.goods are packed into a single container, which remains sealed until it reaches their destination (unless intercepted by customs). This means there is very little chance of damage in transit. This method is best for fragile loads.Shipping FCL will be cheaper than LCL.


LCL means less than container load.The cargo owner transports scattered or small amounts of goods. Generally, the carrier will classify according to the destination, and the goods of the same destination will be installed in a container for transportation.LCL only needs you to pay for the space you use.

Door To Door Service

Unlike DDU(Delivered Duty Unpaid) and DDP(Delivered Duty Paid),Door to door is not part of the Incoterms,the international trade terms of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). Door-to-Door does not involve the question of who has to pay for customs in international transport. you should be precise in phrasing the modalities of the shipment.

Warehouse Service

We own 8,000 ㎡ warehouses and enlarge every year. We can offer:

If you have product design pics, please send it to us. The size limit is 5MB.

Start to Source Directly From The Best Chinese Factories!
We will help you find direct factories, get best quotes, support you all the way until products arriving your address. Get started now!

The purchase amount must reach US $ 5,000 or a full container

Let IHome help you find best product suppliers, and export to your country!

As the best China sourcing company, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up on production, ensure quality, and deliver products to your door.

Sourcing Competitive Price Products from China?

Leave us some information about your inquiry, we will back within 24 hours.

If you have product design pics, please send it to us. The size limit is 5MB.

Sourcing Competitive Price Socks from China?

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