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China Music light police parking supplier



China Music light police parking

Excellent track parking garage game:

China Music light police parking  specially designed for children who love air defense military theme. This parking garage toy is the favorite of boys and girls, including Taxi * 1
Track * 2
Track head * 2
Mountain body * 1
House * 1
Road sign * 1 piece (including 23 small parts)
Music Box * 1 (inner package Ag * 13 * 3)
Music box road sign * 1
sticker * 1
parking apron*1
Plastic suction shell (car show shell)*1

Real scene simulation:

The toy garage has a two story parking space, including the garage, which can accommodate more than 10 cars. Real scene simulation can help children better understand the world around them, such as how parking lot construction, various cars, traffic rules and traffic safety work. It provides the best way for parents and children to interact.

China Music light police parking


Garage 2-in-1 and automatic lifting:

This toy car garage can have or not have a car elevator. When the switch is turned on, the elevator will automatically roll up and bring the car to the top floor of the parking lot, accompanied by colorful lights and cheerful music; Or you can use your fingers to turn the platform on the top of the elevator to control the elevator, which can bring more fun to children and exercise their hand movements.

Interesting track and safety guarantee:

The spiral track around the parking lot allows the car to quickly slide from top to bottom, and then leave or return to the parking lot by changing the direction switch. The fast movement of the car can exercise children’s visual tracking ability. It is made of high-quality and durable ABS plastic, durable and safe for children.

It improves children’s creativity:

children build their own interactive toy garages and racing cars around them to have the greatest fun. It uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Product size: 31*10.5*19 cm. The car game will be an incredible gift that children and children will sincerely appreciate. Give your lovely children a gift for their birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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