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Customized OEM Girl Doll Toys From China, Best gift for Kids Between 2-5 Years Old!

Item No.:7124700029
Item Weight:  Approximately 110g
Use: The OEM Girl Doll toys is designed for little kid to entertain and is aiming to inspire their imagination and creation.
Packing: Customized Package
Function: Promote kids’overall development and growth
Powerful Supply Team
Our suppliers are the top suppliers nationwide, and we have a close cooperation with them, enabling us to obtain the most competitive prices in the market.
Strict Quality Control
We have the most comprehensive quality management system and the most professional inspection team to ensure the highest product quality.



In every girl’s childhood, there is a desire to have a doll toy. OEM girl doll toys can not only provide entertainment and a fun experience for them, but also offer them opportunities for learning and growth.

When kids are during the age between 2-5 years old, they need a toy to keep them entertained, and doll is an excellent choice. They can dress up the girl doll toys and engage in role play between these little toys, which provides them with immense joy. At the same time, doll toys can also boost the friendship of kids of similar age, they can play together and share doll toys.

OEM girl doll toys are designed based on baby faces, allowing children to regard them as a character like themselves to create imaginative stories, which in turn helps promote their communication, enhances a child’s emotional expression and social skills.

The exquisite design of dolls makes them even more beloved by children, serving as their companions and offering emotional language skills, imagination, and creativity.

What’s more, interacting with dolls also greatly support during moments of loneliness or insecurity. The OEM girl doll toys also come with accessories such as dresses, caps, shoes, and scarves, which can help children improve their understanding of colors, clothing, and body parts, thus having educational significance. Doll toys are essential playthings in children’s childhood.

Customized Girl Doll Toys

Features and Advantages of OEM  Girl Doll Toys

Appearance Design: It is designed to resemble children and has an adorable and cute appearance. Beautiful outlook of doll including delicate facial features, makeup, nice body shape and physical structure could attract kids’ interest. Best choice as a gift for kids.

Chic and Fun Clothing: Multiple sets of clothing are available, allowing children to pick and match fashionable outfits. And all of the clothes are in selected fabric and unique design which can satisfy kids’ preference and long term using.

Accessories: Caps and shoes are accessorized, which make the OEM girl doll toys full of personality and different. And the accessories could be worn or taken off, this also allows kids to design unique clothes and accessories for dolls according to their own ideas and creativity.

Safety: Our dolls are made from non-toxic and durable material, will not impact children’s health. The round corners of boy shape are perfectly modeled and could provide a comfortable touch to protect kid’s soft skin.

Portability: These OEM girl doll toys are designed to be small and easy to carry. They can be easily held or placed in a bag without taking up much space. This allows children to play with them anytime, anywhere.

Education Support: For the early education of kids, their language, cognitive skills could be greatly enlightened through playing doll toys.

Why choose us?

We have a professional design team that can create customized solutions for our customers, providing a comprehensive one-stop service. And we have more than 17 years experience in the field of kid toys, we can perfectly meet your requirements according our professional product knowledge.

The insistence of good quality is also our principle, we have an expert quality control group to inspect this before loading. More services plz click the link

What’s your MOQ?

In order to support customers’ business, we would like to accept a trial order of small quantity also. Please feel free to contact with me.

How about delivery time?

The normal delivery time is about 45 days since you placed the order. If you have very urgent requirements, we will adjust the timeline to provide you with top priority to support you.

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