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Wholesale Cat Grooming House Set Factory

Item Number:7008600994

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Wholesale Cat Grooming House Set

DIY fun:

This pet shop education game can help children build DIY skills, cultivate their love for cats, and include everything they need for training, exercise, rewards and cleaning after playing. The possibilities and fun of this animal image game are endless

Develop imagination:

Children can play animal toy games alone or with cats, dogs, hamsters and other small animals. Different types of animals and accessories will improve the imagination of boys and girls in games, improve hand eye coordination, and let children enjoy fun in games and grow up healthily and happily

Wholesale Cat Grooming House Set

Safe and durable for children:

the toy is made of environment-friendly materials and printed materials. A set of lifelike animal images, non-toxic, safe and non discoloring paint finishes. Soft toy surface design will not hurt children’s hands, so your children can play with confidence

Easy to play and clean:

When children open animal toys, all accessories and animals are easy to use and play. Children can be accompanied by their parents to match the right combination and situation. All animal parts and bodies are easy to wash with neutral detergent or water

Ideal gift:

If you send educational toys from the pet shop to children, it will be the perfect birthday gift for them. Stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. It helps to introduce animals to children. These animals are created with the precise and realistic details of dogs, cats, hamsters and other accessories, creating a realistic world of small animals that can educate and inspire children of all ages

After sales service:

We will provide you with the most satisfactory service. If you have any questions about the toys in the pet care center, please feel free to contact us. We will send you a new one for free, or refund it. Thank you for your support

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