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Wholesale Cute Children Hair Brush Supplier From China

Item Number:7003703084



Package:Opp bag ,customized package is available



We are wholesale cute children hair brush supplier.  This item is very popular in market which has oval comb and flexible air cushion. As a gift,  this could give your children a big surprise!



Wholesale Cute Children Hair Brush

We believe that our everyday life is simple and beautiful. We hope to make different customer groups feel our professionalism through our products and services. We sincerely hope our customers will be happy every day.


With the help of our professional Wholesale Cute Children Hair Brush, your kid’s hair will be so soft.

Wholesale Cute Children Hair Brush

Dry quickly.

The design of our head comb is to help the hair dry quickly. Because it helps discharge excess water from your hair, it increases the time to dry the hair. Let your child’s hair get flowing air to prevent your child from catching a cold in the cold winter because of wet hair.


Wholesale cute children hair brush with Reduce entanglement.

The unique bristles can be separated gently, neither tear nor pulling, so that the hair looks shiny and silky, not so curly.

Wholesale Cute Children Hair Brush

Save time.

Compared with ordinary hair comb, our head comb can complete the task of finishing hair in a short time. As an oval brush, we can be used as a wet brush or a child brush!

Wholesale Cute Children Hair Brush

Practical gifts.

This cute brush is a baby daughter given to you. The practical gifts of other close friends can also be used as a beautiful birthday gift. It will definitely make your little girl happy.

Yes, sample orders welcomed.
It’s depends on your quantity of the goods,if for the MOQ it’s 25-35 days.
Yes, we have several colors optional for each item and OEM color is available on mass production.
We are a trading company, but we have proweful product supply chain and strong sourcing department,also we are shareholder of our many core suppliers,we can guarantee our price is first-hand, competitive with excellent quality and reasonable price
Different item MOQ is diffferent,normally our MOQ is 2000-3000Pcs.
Yes, customized logo and design on mass production are available,we also have professional designer to do the artwork with your logo.
With the advantage of supply chain combination, there are dozens of downstream suppliers, rich product chain, strong ability to control products, strong ability to develop new products, strong ability to serve and cooperate with the team.

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