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Wholesale Double-sided Cosmetic Mirror Supplier From China

Item Number:7003704278



Package:Color box ,customized package is available



As a responsible supplier of Wholesale Double-sided Cosmetic Mirrors, we have good quality control  team. All our products can ensure good quality.



Wholesale Double-sided Cosmetic Mirror Supplier From China

We always believe that life is beautiful, and your life is also beautiful. We hope that through our products and services, every day’s life can be full of fun.


With the help of our professional Wholesale Double-sided Cosmetic Mirror, your makeup process will become more comfortable.

Wholesale Double-sided Cosmetic Mirror

Double-sided cosmetic mirror with beautiful design.

This double-sided mirror has a U-shaped base for easy daily movement. The compact design takes up very little space, and the non-slip pad at the bottom enables the mirror to stand stably on the countertop.

Wholesale Double-sided Cosmetic Mirror

Free rotating mirror.

Our mirror can be rotated 360° freely and can be fixed in any position according to your needs.


Perfect makeup.

Our mirror is a double-sided mirror, 1X and 10X magnifications can be used together for perfect makeup, you can see the tiniest beauty details, not only for makeup, but also for facial details, such as wearing contact lenses, Trim eyebrows, shave, hairstylist, have a facial or apply mascara.

Wholesale Double-sided Cosmetic Mirror

Nice gift.

Whether it’s a Mother’s Day gift, Valentine’s Day gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift, our vanity mirror is a great gift for the special women in your life, including girlfriends and family members.

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