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Wholesale Flower-shaped Flat Puffh Supplier From China

Item Number:7003702274



Package:Opp bag, customized package is available



We are professional supplier of Wholesale Flower-shaped Flat Puff. This item is very popular in whole world. And if you like them, we could provide free samples for you.



Each of us hopes to have a good life. However, a good life comes from our attitude towards life. We hope that through our products and services, we can make each of our customers face the challenges in life.

With the Help of Our Professional wholesale Flower-Shaped Flat Puff, Your Makeup Will Make You Feel Confident.Wholesale Flower-shaped Flat Puff

Cute shape.

This puff consists of 9 accessories. There is no doubt that this shape is very cute and unique, loved by girls.


Comfortable makeup experience.

This puff can be used at the same time in dry and humid conditions. When powder puff encounters water, it expands, so it will be more convenient to use foundation, sunscreen, blush, highlights, eye shadow and other cosmetics. Soft puff can be pressed at will to better modify the face.

Wholesale Flower-shaped Flat Puff

Easy to clean.

This puff is easy to clean and can be suitable for repeated use. After use, you can use neutral soap for cleaning, thoroughly rinse with warm water, and then dry.


As a holiday gift.

This puff must be a good gift option.

Wholesale Flower-shaped Flat Puff

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