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Wholesale Soft Bath Gloves Supplier From China

Item Number:7003703994



Package:Color box ,customized package is available



We are supplier of wholesales soft bath gloves, who have a good reputation in Ningbo China. This item appeals to many customers’ attention.




Wholesale Soft Bath Gloves Supplier From China

We always believe that life is beautiful, and your life is also beautiful. We hope that through our products and services, every day’s life can be full of fun.


With the help of our professional Wholesale Soft Bath Gloves, your skin will look very translucent.

Wholesale Soft Bath Gloves

Comfortable material.

Our gloves are made of microfiber and have a loop on the side for easy hanging and drying. Microfiber cloth is lightweight, soft, absorbent and one of the best moisture-resistant fabrics, perfect for body and face cleansing.


Suitable for all skin types.

Our extra soft body wash mitts are chemical free and suitable for any skin type including sensitive skin, dry or oily skin, even delicate areas like your eyes and lips, no harm to your face or skin , ideal for sensitive skin.

Wholesale Soft Bath Gloves

Easy care.

Washable at 60°C, suitable for tumble drying. To keep gloves in top condition, do not use bleach, fabric softener, or any other harsh chemicals when washing.

Wholesale Soft Bath Gloves

Suitable for travel.

Our bath gloves are perfect for everyday use as well as travel. The small one will not take up too much space, it is a necessary bathing tool for going out and traveling.

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