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Wholesale Solid-colored Detangling Hair Brush From China

Item Number:7119500031



Package:Opp bag ,customized package is available



We are very professional wholesale solid-colored detangling hair brush in Ningbo, China. This item with comfortable handle will loved by many customers who like unique design.



We always believe that a good life belongs to everyone. Our purpose is to meet the needs of each customer through our products and services. We sincerely hope that our customer can live happily every day.

With the help of our professional Wholesale Solid-Colored Detangling Hair Brush, your hair will alway smooth. Different from ordinary hair combination of hair, our hairpin will better flatten your curly hair and massage your scalp. It is suitable for the hairstyle and all hairstyles.

Wholesale Solid-colored Detangling Hair Brush

Protect your scalp through wholesale  solid-colored  detangling hair brush.

This head combed with very comfortable comb, which can not only massage our scalp, promote the blood circulation of the head, but also reduce the break and bifurcation of the hair. You will notice that after using our head comb, the hair you leave on a comb or floor is getting less and less.

Unique shape.

This head comb is different from other styles. Its shape is not only very cute, but also in line with ergonomic design. It is such a unique design that facilitates users to grab the head comb and perform daily use.

Suitable for children’s head comb.

This head comb is not only suitable for adults, but also very suitable for children. Your child will no longer tears and screams due to entanglement of hair. It is a hair comb that is suitable for children.

Wholesale Solid-colored Detangling Hair Brush

Cute gift.

Use a cute head to spoil you love people, such as girlfriends, wives, daughters, etc.

Wholesale Solid-colored Detangling Hair Brush

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