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Wholesale Versatile Plug-in Planter

Material: PP
Size: 17.7  x 17.7  x 15.8cm
Set: 1set
MOQ: 1000 pieces
Item Number: 7112900520



Wholesale Versatile Plug-in Planter: Elevating Greenery with Artistry

In the dynamic realm of gardening and interior aesthetics, the quest for a harmonious blend of utility and beauty has led us to unveil the remarkable Wholesale Versatile Plug-in Planter. This innovative creation effortlessly marries the allure of nature with the intricate elegance of artistic design, promising an enriching experience for plant enthusiasts and decor aficionados alike.

Meticulously Engineered Adaptability

With a keen understanding of the diverse preferences of plant aficionados, we proudly introduce the Wholesale Versatile Plug-in Planter, a true testament to the power of adaptability. Tailor-made to accommodate embedded planters measuring approximately 6 inches (15.2 cm) in diameter, this planter becomes a nurturing haven for your cherished green inhabitants.

Exquisite Aesthetics, Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Recognizing that a planter’s visual appeal is paramount, we meticulously selected premium plastic material, carefully imitating the captivating look of ceramics. The result is a stunning masterpiece that mirrors the elegance of high-end ceramic pots while providing a comfortable and conducive growth environment for your beloved plants.

Limitless Coordinated Possibilities

The versatility of the Wholesale Versatile Plug-in Planter extends beyond its standalone beauty. It flawlessly coordinates with our comprehensive range of succulents and kaleidoscope planters, offering an array of creative possibilities. Whether you envision a unified oasis of greenery or desire to curate distinct plant displays in various settings, this planter rises to the occasion. Each planter is available for individual purchase, allowing you to curate your selection to perfection.

Crafted Dimensions, Streamlined Experience

Measured at a convenient 17.7 cm x 17.7 cm x 15.8 cm, the dimensions of the Wholesale Versatile Plug-in Planter offer ample space for your plants to flourish. In addition, the user experience is further streamlined as there is no need for intricate assembly. This planter is ready to infuse your space with its exquisite charm right out of the box.

Curate Your Distinct Green Haven

Regardless of whether it graces your personal abode, professional workspace, or commercial environment, the Wholesale Versatile Plug-in Planter promises to craft a unique green haven. Its captivating aesthetics combined with its functionality add a touch of charm to your botanical companions. Join us in intertwining beauty and vitality, and let every nook and cranny bloom with renewed life.

Wholesale Versatile Plug-in Planter

Wholesale Versatile Plug-in Planter

1500pcs. For first cooperation, small order is acceptable.
30% deposit, and balance against the copy of BL or LC at sight; Open Accout Payment, PayPal also acceptable.
We now have passed ISO9001, BSCI, SEDEX,FSC, Disney, Walmart,Target etc.
For now available samples, 1day to send out samples; for samples making time, 7days after receiving sample fee; And our normal lead time for mass production is 35-45days.
Yes, we have strong developing team of more than 200 People to support OEM and ODM service. 
Garden tools, garden scissors, waterpipe, fences and so on.

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