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Whether you are a supermarket, an importer or an online shop owner, we will provide you with efficient solutions to help you import from China easier.

Chain Supermarkets

Assembly of Any Products for Supermarkets, IHOME has many years of service to different scale chain supermarkets, fully supply chain services include:

Success Case

One of our biggest customers from Russia is a large-scale chain supermarket, at the beginning, we only work with kitchenware items, After a period of cooperation, customers are very satisfied with our prices, quality, and services. The two parties conducted each other and obtained an in -depth understanding, and then developed new categories, such as outdoor, toys, care, etc. Customers to better seize market share. We continue to recommend new, hot-selling products every week, so that the customer's shelves have maintained better liquidity, and at the same time provide financial support to the customer. The two parties have become strategic partners.

Distributors/ Professional Importers/ Import Agencies

IHome has 15+ years of import and export experience, we have our own core suppliers. Our price is not necessarily higher than that of professional factories, because we have a large number of long-term order cooperation, and even the factory will provide us with better prices.

Success Case

Our French importers have a new order of 150,000PCS cutting boards, the specific requirements are a French standard test, a BSCI qualification factory, an FSC certificate, and an aggressive target price. Tight delivery time is the most difficult point. In response to customer prices and quality requirements, we finally selected qualified ones from five factories and evaluated the production capacity of the factory on-site. Proofing products and quality testing were finally determined.

Online Shops/Small Shops

IHOME is responsible for the quality, damage, shortage, and other after-sales issues have quality assurance, pursues long-term cooperation.

Success Case

One of our efficient clients did online business on AMAZON. We sold one new model--- microwave collapsible cover to him. He became Amazon's first sales shop in shore time. In order to improve the product function, the mold optimization based on the original product, through continuous testing with 3D proofing, we finally designed the second-generation product with customers. We continue to provide customers with professional product opinions and solutions. At the same time, we will help customers make professional product videos and high-definition photos to help customers sell. Now he is our long-term business partner.

If you have product design pics, please send it to us. The size limit is 5MB.

Start to Source Directly From The Best Chinese Factories!
We will help you find direct factories, get best quotes, support you all the way until products arriving your address. Get started now!

The purchase amount must reach US $ 5,000 or a full container

Let IHome help you find best product suppliers, and export to your country!

As the best China sourcing company, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up on production, ensure quality, and deliver products to your door.

Sourcing Competitive Price Products from China?

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If you have product design pics, please send it to us. The size limit is 5MB.

Sourcing Competitive Price Socks from China?

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