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Three Tips to Find Qualified Beauty Tools Suppliers from China

China’s beauty market is the second largest in the world in terms of sales and market share. Retail sales of cosmetics are expected to reach $67 billion by 2024. Given that it is growing fast, there is a growing demand for this market and more and more brands want to be a part of it. China’s beauty market is the best for foreign brands: 80 percent of the market is occupied by international brands. This article will teach you how to find high quality China beauty tools supplier in three steps.

1.How to get China beauty tools supplier list

  • Through the Internet

Nowadays, many China beauty tools suppliers like to post various supply information on beauty tool websites to increase product exposure and attract customers in need. Therefore, if you want to find the first hand supply information of beauty tool manufacturers, you can get it through the website or other online channels. There are now many types of online channels, such as through official accounts, or through the official websites of various beauty tools, or some software, where you can find first-hand supplies from beauty tool manufacturers.

Beauty Tools Suppliers
Qualified Beauty Tools Suppliers
  • Through promotion channels

Although it is now the Internet world, many China beauty tools suppliers will do online publicity, after all, online choice traffic is larger, can have a higher conversion rate, but there are still a lot of suppliers like to do publicity in the physical store, do some paper promotion, station promotion channel promotion, as a beauty agency, can get information through this promotion channel, so as to buy first-hand supply.

Beauty Tools Suppliers
  • Through beauty tool website rankings

Generally speaking, the beauty tool website will have a list of brands, you can also choose a good brand according to the list, generally this kind of brand has a contact number and address, as a beauty agency can directly consult or buy, so not only can you have a general understanding of the brand products, but also can get first-hand supply, for want to buy beauty tools, this way is more desirable. After all, brands that make it to the top of the rankings have advantages in many ways. As a beauty agency, it will be more conducive to buying beauty tools.

Beauty Tools Suppliers
  • Good quality brand

Nowadays, there are more and more brands of beauty instruments and tools, some of which have really good quality, but some brands may fight a price war in order to cope with the competition. Once the price war will reduce a lot of costs, especially the reduction of raw material cost, the quality of beauty tools will decline. Such brands are not worth choosing. Therefore, if you want to choose a high-quality brand, it is important to know the reputation of the brand first, and the quotation of the brand’s products second, as well as other service factors. Currently, there are many better brands in the market that produce beauty tools that are good in terms of function and materials, and more types of beauty tools that can meet the purchasing needs of large beauty agencies.

2. How to verify China beauty tools supplier

Once you have established a shortlist of China beauty tools suppliers, you may need to verify their credentials. Because you have to make sure your suppliers are who they say they are. You can do this by looking at some information online, including but not limited to:

  • Business license
  • Ownership structure
  • Background Information
  • Production R & D ability and qualification

With the above confirmation, you need to determine if your supplier is the manufacturer or not. There are no homogeneous suppliers. But in many cases, manufacturers can offer benefits such as lower costs, greater flexibility and better control over intermediaries. It is also important to ask how to pack the product. For example, how many products are in one box? How many boxes are in one container? How do they perform a traffic simulation test? Many factories have these problems. They are responsible for manufacturing and shipping. But the broker may not be able to answer this question. In addition, you need to identify their technical expertise and production capacity so that you can judge their ability to deliver on their promises.

Beauty Tools Suppliers

Validation should be a continuous process covering the whole cooperation process. In particular, the current covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the global beauty supply chain. It is therefore necessary to continuously validate suppliers.

3. How to ask for a sample order

Accepting a cheap sample order is an essential step before identifying a new long-term supplier. It is clear that you want to see and smell the product before working with a new supplier. The next sample order is a way to test whether the supplier can normally undertake future business. Sample orders give you an interesting opportunity to know the overall product quality (including design and functionality), costs, transport connections, lead times and delivery efficiency before placing a larger and more expensive order. In the meantime, you can take the opportunity to check your suppliers in real situation and minimize the risks for suppliers (intellectual property and payment risks). If their products, services and distribution networks do not meet your expectations, you can move away from them.

In conclusion, finding qualified manufacturers among the many Chinese suppliers in the beauty industry is never an easy task. However, these three tips can be a good starting point for buying in China. It should be noted that the supply of beauty will bring a lot of help. Not only is the platform good at utilizing the strategic local acquisition strategy, but it has also established partnerships with many factories and industrial alliances in China. Well manage beauty suppliers in China through strict qualification examination and classification system. By using the abundance of high-quality resources, it will be easier for young Americans to buy from high-quality Chinese suppliers.

I hope these three steps will be helpful for you to find China beauty tools supplier and cooperate with them in the future.

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