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Top 10 Most Popular Beauty Products Wholesale In 2023

Beauty is always pursuing every girl. Every girl wants to keep beauty. There is no doubt that beauty products are very important tools for girls to maintain beauty. These beauty products make girls look more confident, more elegant, not only a change in appearance, but also a change in temperament. So, which beauty products are a must -have makeup tool for girls’ makeup tables? Is it makeup brush, puff puff, or face massage instrument and makeup mirror. In this article, 10 beauty tools that will be very popular in 2023 will be selected. It will be introduced in detail to each product, hoping to help your future beauty tool procurement plan.

14 pcs makeup brush set 

The makeup brush suit is an indispensable tool for girls to become beautiful. This makeup brush suit can add the color you want to add to your face, including all eye shadows, eyeliner, eyebrows, blush and lips. At the same time, this set of makeup brushes is very complete. You can choose what you need by browsing the appearance of the makeup brush, so there will be no chaotic use.


1. Very comfortable.

All bristles are made of nylon hairs. These bristles are perfectly arranged, which can reduce bristles and fall off and increase the life of the brush to the greatest extent.

2. Suitable for all skin types.

This set of makeup brushes is suitable for different faces and different skin types. At the same time, it is also very suitable for various forms of cosmetics, such as liquid, powder, etc.

3. Suitable for travel carrying

This set of makeup brushes is presented to a makeup box, which is very convenient to carry and place it. It is a must -have makeup tool set for travel.

Makeup Sponges  

Puff is a very important beauty tool in addition to makeup brushes. This sponge can be used in a humid or dry situation. When humid, makeup sponges will become larger, so that it can be stirred more evenly to form the required liquid, making it easier to apply makeup.


1. Non -latex material.

This Makeup Sponges uses non -Latex materials, which is convenient for pink products, such as foundation powder, loose powder, etc.

2. The shape of water droplets.

The shape of this sponge is similar to the shape of water droplets, which is convenient for users to easily grab our makeup sponges.

3. Suitable for various skin.

This makeup sponge is suitable for a variety of different skin types, including dry skin, oil skin, mixed dry, and mixed oil.

Stainless steel eyebrow trimming set

This is a tweeter kit, including 4 stainless steel eyebrows, 1 curved eyebrow scissors and a brush of eyebrows. Different eyebrow trimming tools give you different experiences, so that you can find a sister -in -law that suits you according to your needs.


1. Material safety.

Made of high -quality stainless steel, it is easy to clean and does not cause damage to the skin.

2. Easy to use.

After professional designs, the mule set can accurately trim excess eyebrows and reduce the pain during hair removal. At the same time, this product carries a leather shell, which is easy to carry with you, suitable for travel or storage.

Facial Cleansing brush

This silicone brush is a daily necessity for face care. This silicon brush can easily remove dead skin and help soften the skin and promote facial blood circulation.


1. Material safety.

This product is made of natural organic silicone which is suitable for a variety of different types of skin.

2. Soft and comfortable.

This silicone brush with soft bristles can help remove blackheads and clean face oil, so that your face is cleaned. Bring you a comfortable experience.

Eyelash curler

The eyelashes are one of the very important tools that make your eyelashes look up and large. This eyelashes have accurate grip and make sure you easily place false eyelashes without damage to them.


1. Try no risk.

This eyelashes are composed of 100 % stainless steel to ensure durability. At the same time, it is in line with the design of ergonomics, allowing you to easily adjust and fix the eyelashes, so it will not bring the risk of attempt.

2. Choice of novice and professionals.

This eyelash cotton is a very convenient tool that is not only suitable for makeup professionals, but also for novices for use.

Manicure sets

This 13 -piece armor suit basically includes all the tools required for professional nails and foot repair, such as nail shears, scissors, mules, dead skin, and ear spoons. This set is pink, both fashionable and practical, which can meet everyone’s needs.


1. Excellent experience.

This tool is made of high -quality stainless steel, which can prevent corrosion and minimize the risk of infection. At the same time, the product is in line with the design of the human science, the size is appropriate, the touch is very comfortable, and it is suitable for daily hand and foot care.

2. Easy to carry.

With a portable synthetic leather box, you can easily open the button, which is very suitable for travel or family use.

Fake nail

Fake nails are also an important tool for girls to become beautiful. I believe that every one who loves beauty wants to DIY design to your nails so that it can meet different occasions. Then choose this transparent nail film, right!


1. High -quality quality.

These fake nails are made of high -quality ABS materials. They are breathable and durable, making your nails look natural.

2. A variety of styles.

Transparent, colorless nails can easily stretch your nails and help you enjoy the fun of DIY nails. You can make different designs according to different occasions and perfectly integrate into every occasion.

3. Diverse size.

This piece of armor can customize different sizes, there is always one suitable for you!

Jade Face Roller

You must be looking for a face massage to help you increase the elasticity of facial muscles. It is a good choice, which will help your facial skin better absorb essence and cream.


1. High -quality material.

This facial massage roller is made of high -quality natural jade, which is very smooth and well -made.

2.Face massage.

This Jade Face Roller can help you relieve muscle tension and reduce facial swelling. At the same time, it can reduce the expansion of pores to the greatest extent to achieve the purpose of raising the skin and improving fine lines.

Cosmetic mirror

Makeup mirror is a tool to help you apply makeup and check makeup. When you make up under the condition of poor lighting, you may eventually leave the room with poor mixed foundation or poor eyeliner. Therefore, a suitable brightness mirror is a must -have tool for novices.


1. Enough amplification function.

This makeup mirror has 1 times and 10 times zooming function. The classic double -sided design makes the makeup mirror easier to make the perfect makeup look easier. In addition, there is a 360 ° rotation function, which can be easily switched by 1 and 10 times the magnification.

2. LED charging function.

This makeup mirror can work continuously for about 3 hours under full charging conditions. To a large extent, the cost and energy of your purchase of batteries are saved. Even under dark conditions, you can become beautiful calmly.

Travel bottle

What makeup supplies do you worry about? Or are you still worrying about looking for a small packed bottle? Here is a suitable for you!


1. Comfortable material.

This silicone packing bottle is made of soft and durable silicone, all of which do not contain BPA, so you can easily carry your favorite washing products.

2. Easy to replenish and clean.

You can easily remove the liquid in the travel bottle in order to clean it, and the opening is wide enough to easily fill and allocate.

3. Cute design.

The round design can satisfy the love of many girls. At the same time, a variety of colors can also be used for you to choose from.

Introduce the above ten popular beauty products, I believe you will have a deeper understanding of them. Quickly make sure your procurement plan!

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