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Finding the Perfect Toys Supplier: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are planning to start a toy business, you should consider importing from China’s wholesale toy market. Around 90 percent of all toys sold in the world are manufactured in China, meaning that you should expect high-quality products.Below are some of important guide to find toys supplier in China!

1.The Factors to Consider Before Importing Toys from China

The steps involved in importing toys from China can be complex and challenging, with numerous regulations and requirements to consider. It’s essential to consider several factors before making any commitments to avoid costly errors that could negatively impact your business. This essay will provide an overview of the critical factors to consider before importing toys from China.

Firstly, it’s vital to understand compliance and safety standards specific to your country when considering toy imports from China. Regulators have strict rules for toys manufactured for children, so it is necessary to follow the relevant laws and regulations to ensure both child safety and legal compliance. Complying with ASTM F963-11 rules in the United States and EN71-1, 2, and 3 in the European Union, in particular, is mandatory when importing from China. Additionally, third-party testing and labeling regulations must be followed to ensure consistency and quality.

Secondly, it is crucial to conduct market research to identify target customers, competitors, and industry influencers, which helps you make informed decisions on marketing concepts, licensing requirements, and packaging design.

Thirdly, it’s essential to determine which business model fits your operating structure, whether wholesale or retail. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on capital requirements, pricing considerations, and revenue potential.

Once you’ve established the above factors, understanding tariffs, port charges, taxes, and import duties is crucial to prevent unexpected expenses that could affect profitability. Calculating your expected costs and gross profit margin ensures you’ll have adequate resources to cover all expenses and achieve overall success.

To sum up, importing toys from China involves multiple regulatory and financial requirements that need consideration to ensure successful business operations. By adhering to safety regulations, conducting thorough market research, deciding on the appropriate business model, and estimating costs and gross profit margins, you can improve your chances of establishing a profitable business in importing toys from China.

2.What Type and List of Toys You Can Import from China Toys Supplier

When importing toys from China, it’s essential to decide on the type of toys you want to introduce to your target market. As the manufacturing hub of toys sold globally, China offers a wide variety of choices. Identifying and choosing fast-moving and popular types of toys can help increase profits and establish a long-term business.

There are multiple types of toys available in China for importation, including wooden toys, educational toys, plush toys, Christmas toys, bath toys, dolls, infant toys, electrical toys, and solar fluttering butterflies. Wooden toys are eco-friendly, durable, and come in numerous shapes and styles, making them ideal for children and environmentally conscious parents. Educational toys, sourced mainly from Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces, aid in cognitive development while facilitating learning. Infant toys, a specialty of manufacturers located in Guangzhou, Yangzhou, Dongguan, and Wenzhou, offer a safe, high-quality selection that needs consideration. Plush toys and dolls encourage imaginative play among kids of all ages.

Christmas toys make excellent gifts during the holiday season and come in a wide range of options. Bath toys, usually made of solid material, keep babies entertained during their bath time while helping with hand-eye coordination. Electrical toys have become increasingly common in modern toy markets due to their interactive nature and incorporation of digital technology. Shenzhen and Shantou cities offer various options for electrical toy imports. Lastly, solar fluttering butterflies are perfect for enlightening kids about solar energy concepts while requiring no batteries or power supply.

In conclusion, identifying the ideal types of toys to import from China heavily relies on multiple factors, such as consumer preferences, safety standards, environmental considerations, and market trends. Researching available options can provide insight into the most profitable and sought-after toys to ensure success in the competitive toy industry.

3.How to Import From Toys Supplier In China?

After choosing a China toy supplier, you have to do due diligence. Even though most Chinese toys suppliers are honest, some are not reliable and they may offer inferior goods.
There are several tactics to use when importing toys from China so that you can get high-quality goods and avoid losing your money. Here are the strategies.

  1. Samples:
    After finding a toys supplier, you can ask for product samples to know what they offer.
    Samples are important because they will tell you the quality of products to expect and the expected delivery time.
    Generally, it will take 10-12 days to produce samples and the shipment may take 6-8 weeks.
  2. Contract
    Next, you should have a bilingual contract with the China toy manufacturer. The contract will provide basic protection regarding negotiations after things have gone wrong.
  3. Deposit:
    There are many horror stories of suppliers who demand the whole payment for goods and disappear into the sunset. You do not want that to happen to you.
    So, you have to choose a manufacturer who allows you to deposit less than 30 percent of the agreed amount and pay the remaining 70 percent after the goods pass the pre-shipment inspection and you have received the Bill of Lading. Some scammers will ask for the remaining amount before sending the Bill of Lading.
  4. Production:
    The first production takes longer than you would expect. That is the reason that the manufacturer will have to set up the process.
    Multiply the quoted production time by three to get the real production duration. You will have to settle the product and package designs, get the samples and approve the final version for production to start.
  5. QC:
    Toys from China have a reputation for low quality. However, that is not always the case and some companies offer high-quality products.
    You can also avoid the issues by using a strong quality control checklist. Also, ensure that the manufacturer has an effective quality control process.
  6. Payment
    There are many payment methods to try but you will have to consider the size of your order when choosing one.
    Also, ensure that you are sending the money to the company account and not a personal account. Draft a strong agreement before paying the potential toys supplier.
    You can use international wire transfers, Escrow, PayPal, Western Union, or letters of credit.
  7. Shipping:
    Some suppliers will have to be reminded about shipping the goods on time. At times, you will have to explain to them in layman’s terms the importance of timely shipping.
    Mostly, they will take 30 days to ship to you but that can reduce to 20-25 days after finding the right supplier.
  8. After-sales service
    If you have questions about the products about delivery, the toys supplier should be ready to offer answers.
    If the toys are broken they should refund your money or replace them. That means that the customer representative team should be easier to reach.

4.How to Travel to Shantou & Yiwu Market Products?

When searching for the best toy suppliers in China, visiting multiple markets is often necessary. Shantou and Yiwu Toy Markets provide a good combination of options for importation. Yiwu Agent Toys Market features a vast assortment of toys, including car toys, educational toys, silicone squishy, and plush toys. At the same time, Shantou market has RC toys, STEM toys, electronic toys, among others. Getting to these markets can be easy if you follow the guide below.

To visit Shantou market, take a flight to Jieyang (SWA) airport and then use a taxi to the Chenghai area in Shantou city. This journey will only take 50 minutes, covering 40km. The typical cost of a taxi ride from the airport to Chenghai is 200RMB.

On the other hand, traveling to Yiwu wholesale Market starts with boarding a flight to Yiwu (YIW) airport, where you can take a taxi to Yiwu market building 1. This trip covers around 12km and takes approximately 25 minutes via taxi, at a cost of 50RMB. Upon arriving at Yiwu market building 1, navigate through the large gate, and climb to the first floor – the all-toys market.

Overall, the toy markets at Shantou and Yiwu are renowned for their quality toys and can offer great importation opportunities to toy businesses worldwide. Visitors can enjoy a broad variety of toys under one roof and travel from one market to another with relative ease using the information shared above.

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