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Yiwu Trade Fairs Review

Yiwu ,A City of Conferences and Exhibitions Drawing the Attention of the World More than 150 conferences and exhibitions every year Offering ample opportunities ,and the following are the 3 most important exhibitions in Yiwu

1)Yiwu fair

a global sourcing and trading platform

Founded in 1995 upon the approval of the State Council

One of the three major export fairs organized by the Ministry of Commerce

Certified by the Union of International Fairs in 2011

A leading professional fair of consumer goods in Asia

An exhibition & trade platform preferred by SMEs as a primary choice

The first international exhibition in China featuring standardizationunded in 1995 upon the approval of the State Council

One of the three major export fairs organized by the Ministry of Commerce

Certified by the Union of International Fairs in 2011

A leading professional fair of consumer

Yiwu Fair 2023, 

Date: 21-24 October, 2023

Venue: China Yiwu International Expo Center

Exhibits of Yiwu Fair 2023:

Stationery & Office Supplies, Sports Goods, Toys, Knitting Accessories, Garment, Footwear & Headwear, Arts & Crafts, Gifts, Decorations, Home Appliances, Cosmetics & Beauty-care Products, Cases & Bags, Hardware & Machinery, Electronic & Electrical Appliances, Trade Services etc. 

Brief Introduction of Yiwu Fair 2023:

Yiwu Fair is the largest daily commodities fair on scale. During the Yiwu Fair, activities such as International Market Seminar and purchase-matching Meeting for Multinational Retailing Groups will be held to provide more valuable information and abundant business opportunities to the visitors. Yiwu Fair has been held for 28 successive years since 1995. It is held in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province in October every year. In 2002, it was upgraded as an international commodities fair. Since then, the event has been jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and other relevant authorities. The Yiwu Fair, as a highly internationalized and informative event with excellent services and security, has become one of the largest, most influential and most productive commodities fairs in China. It has become the third largest exhibition sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, ranking only next to the China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou(Canton Fair) and the East China Fair in Shanghai. Yiwu Fair was honored as China’s Best Managed Exhibition in 2005, one of the 2006 Top Ten Exhibitions in China, China’s Best-outcome Exhibition in 2006, and the 2007 Top Quality Exhibition in Yangtze River Delta in China. Yiwu Fair was firstly held in 1995 and 2023 Yiwu Fair will be the 17th session in its history. It was upgraded as an international commodities fair in 2002. Since then, the event has been jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and other relevant authorities..

Facts of Yiwu Fair 2022:

The exhibition area of this year’s Yiwu Fair is 50,000 square meters, and there are 25,000 professional buyers and 48,200 visitors in four days. Online Expo platform and livestream attention and page views reached 15.4519 million.

Organizers of Yiwu Fair 2023:

Ministry of commerce of the People’s Republic of China People’s Government of Zhejiang Province China Council for the Promotion of International Trade China National Light Industrial Council China General Chamber of Commerce

Co-organizers of Yiwu Fair 2023:

State Administration for Industry and Commerce All China Federation of Industry and Commerce Hong Kong Trade Development Council Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency

Sponsors of Yiwu Fair 2023:

Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Zhejiang Province People’s Government of Yiwu City

Welcome to Yiwu to attend Yiwu Fair 2023. If you need any help (agent services in Yiwu), please feel free to contact us

2) China yiwu international forest products fair

China Yiwu International Forest Products Expo (Forest Expo for short) was founded in 2008, sponsored by the State Forestry Administration and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, has been successfully held for nine times. Forest Expo is a green, low-carbon and environmental protection exhibition with strong trade functions, numerous business opportunities, outstanding internationalization level and perfect service system. The scale, effectiveness and influence of the exhibition all rank first among similar exhibitions in Asia Pacific, enjoying the reputation of “Forestry Olympics”. Sembohui has won 20 national awards such as “2017 China Top 10 Brand Exhibition Projects”. Forest Fair is also the first in China and the second in the world to pass the UFI certification of agriculture and forestry exhibition.

Venue: China Yiwu International Expo Center

Date: 1-4 Nov., 2023

Scope of exhibition Furniture and accessories

Mahogany furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, civil furniture, school furniture, children’s furniture, laboratory furniture, outdoor furniture and furniture accessories, antique shelves, shelving, etc.

Wood and bamboo decoration materials

Wooden doors, wooden Windows, stairs, floors, tables, wood-based panels, wardrobes, cabinets, wooden ceiling, keel, room decoration materials, etc.

Wood and bamboo crafts

Wood carving, root carving, bamboo weaving, bamboo carving, charcoal carving, lacquer, picture frame, easel, gifts, ornaments, incense and so on.

Wood and bamboo daily necessities

Toys, kitchenware, tableware, stationery, cleaning utensils, laundry utensils, bedding, automobile supplies, outdoor supplies, sporting goods, bamboo charcoal daily necessities, wood and bamboo fiber products, wicker woven, rattan woven, etc.

Forest food

Woody grain and oil products, bamboo shoots, dried fruits, fruits, edible fungi and products, drinks (materials) made of forest plants as raw materials, wine, snack food, condiments, etc.

Tea related products

Green tea, white tea, black tea, black tea and other famous and premium tea, tea food, tea drink, tea health products, tea clothing, tea pillow and other tea deep processing products, tea tables, teapots, tea cups, tea bowls, tea trays and other tea utensils, tea cultural artworks, tea machinery, tea packaging, etc.

Forest health products (under the forest genuine medicinal materials)

Chinese medicinal materials, natural medicines, herbs, national medicinal materials, native medicinal materials, protected varieties of Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese medicinal products, Chinese medicinal products, Chinese medicinal products, rare health products, health tea, health wine, health drinks, health food, Chinese moxibustion, physiotherapy, foot bath and foot bath products, Chinese medicinal oil and ointment, dietary supplements, precious tonics, cell regeneration and recovery products, diet and medicinal diet, etc.

Flower gardening

Flowers, green seedlings and other seeds, ornamental plants, bonsai, fresh cut flowers, dried flowers, bionic flowers and plants and other ornamental products, containers, substrates, garden hardware tools, pet supplies and other horticultural accessories, sunshade net, mulch, fertilizer, pesticides and other horticultural materials.

Forestry equipment and technology

Gardening equipment and tools, greenhouse equipment, mining and transportation machinery, forest recreational field equipment and recreation equipment, forest fire equipment, forest pest control equipment, wood and bamboo machinery, food and beverage packaging and processing equipment, forestry technology and achievements, forestry creativity and products, etc.

Forest outdoor gear and accessories

Wooden house, wooden structure prefabricated parts and other residential wooden structure, wooden pavilion, wooden bridge, courtyard umbrella, wooden umbrella, wooden flower frame, rattan, grass wicker and outdoor, landscape wooden structure, outdoor accessories, outdoor tents, outdoor furniture, fishing equipment, camping, tourism, mountaineering equipment, climbing equipment, etc.

3)China yiwu hardware & electrical appliances trade

China Yiwu International Hardware and Electrical Appliances Expo was founded in 2015, is the only hardware and electrical products professional exhibition platform in Yiwu. The exhibition is organized by Zhejiang China Commodity City Group Co., LTD., and organized by Yiwu China Commodity City Exhibition Co., LTD. The exhibition highlights the four exhibition areas of hardware tools, architectural hardware, electronic appliances and labor protection products. With the purpose of “building a hardware and electrical appliances exhibition platform and serving the global industry market trade”, the exhibition highlights the specialization, internationalization and informatization, aiming at the two major international and domestic markets. For domestic and foreign enterprises to build a set of image display, new product promotion, trade negotiations, information dissemination of the excellent platform

Exhibition time: April 20-22, 2023

Address: China Yiwu International Expo Center

Exhibition scale: 50,000 square meters Exhibitors: 1400+ professional buyers: 60,000 + person-time

Scope of exhibits:

Hardware tools: hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, general accessories, auto and motorcycle tools (accessories), garden tools, measuring instruments, cutting tools, labor protection supplies, casters, etc

Building hardware: plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, building equipment, decoration hardware, door and window accessories, valves, standard fasteners, bearings, chains, springs, locks, fire equipment, anti-theft equipment, etc

Labor protection equipment: safety helmet, respiratory protection, eye (face) protection, ear protection, protective shoes, protective gloves, protective clothing, fall protection, dust cap, ordinary work clothes, ordinary labor protection shoes, foot covers, water boots, raincoat, knee pads, etc

Electronic and electrical appliances: electronics, small household appliances, lamps and lighting, plugs and sockets, shavers, clocks, electrical products, electrical materials, instruments, intelligent control of lighting, VR smart glasses, wearable electronic products, mobile power, digital products, virtual platform, etc

Mechanical and electrical machinery: Mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical products, machine tools and metal processing, plastic machinery and raw materials, packaging machinery and equipment, laser processing equipment, welding and Cutting tool and die

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